Create your very own feature wall without the cost of wallpapering! Our Patterned Paint Rollers allow you to DIY Wall Murals, make patterned gift-wrapping paper or fabrics with ease.

There are two parts to the roller system - the Applicator and the Patterned Rollers. All Rollers are interchangeable and reusable with both our Applicators.

FOR WALLS and PAPER SURFACES - Standard 1-Colour Applicator

FOR WALLS and FABRIC SURFACES - 2 Colour Applicator

Listings on this page are only for the Applicators and does not include any patterned paint roller.

Purchase this only if you are looking for EXTRA or REPLACEMENT applicators.

Otherwise, please purchase both Applicator & Patterned Roller as a STARTER PACK for first time use.


2-Colour Applicator
Sales price: $ 30.00
Standard Applicator
Sales price: $ 20.00