Passion & Care In Every Decal


We put great care into producing each piece of Decorette wall decal.

Every piece of decal is machine cut (not printed) using European imported pre-coloured vinyl sticker

and finished by hand to ensure they arrive to you in the best condition.

2. Design

You send us your requirements and our skilled design team will transform your imagination into stickable reality.

4. Hand Weeding

We meticulously hand weed the negative space, leaving only the design.

6. Transfer Tape

We then carefully apply a layer of transfer tape over the design so you can transfer the design seamlessly to your desired surface.

8. Packaging for Delivery

The finished decal is then carefully rolled up and packed into a solid mailing tube for final delivery to customers.

1. Material Selection

We start by selecting high grade European vinyl material because we want to ensure you are getting the best quality.

3. Precision Cutting

The vinyl is then feed through the machine where the design is intricately cut with a blade, piece-by-piece, into the perfect wall decal. Every piece is cut fresh only upon your order.

5. Quality Check

Every piece gets scrutinsed to make sure that the decal is exactly how it should be.

7. Labeling Instructions

For your ease of use, we add clear labeling with instructions.