3 Ways to Arrange Decorative Patterns

Our decorative pattern decals are not only pretty to look at, they are so versatile when it comes to arranging on walls too! Learn 3 easy ways to display your decorative pattern decal.

 As the decals can be cut up and separated into individual pieces, you can arrange and display the decorative patterns any way you fancy. In this article, we are showing you the different effects you can create using the same Sweet Flowers decal.

Layout 1 - Repeated Pattern Wallpaper Effect

Sweet Flowers Layout 1 - Wallpaper Effect [view design details]

One straightforward way is to evenly space out the patterns to create an awesome repeated pattern wall paper effect.


Layout 2 - Wall Runner Effect

Sweet Flowers Layout 2 - Wall Runner Effect [view design details]

You can also line up the patterns in 2 alternate rows to create a pretty wall runner.


Layout 3 - Skirting Effect

Sweet Flowers Layout 3 - Skirting Effect [view design details]

If you want to be different, line the sweet flowers along your room skirting instead. It looks unusual, interesting and oh so sweet-looking!


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