Dressing Up Glass Doors for Evespiration

We collaborated with Singapore blogger Evelyn @ Evespiration to showcase our Uniquely Singapore series of decals.

Evelyn recently moved into her new abode, which has numerous glass doors and countless people crashing into them! She was looking ‘for decals which can add some character to the interior design and prevent accidents too’.

Not only do the decals add charm and character to  her new Singaporean kitchen, Evelyn also does not have to worry about people ‘walking through’ her kitchen glass doors any more.

She said, “I was very impressed with the conceptualisation, intricate design and careful thoughts which Decorette’s team put into each of their decals and especially so for the Uniquely Singapore series.

Have a look at the progress and result of the collaboration!

Behind the scene - this is how we do it...

Installation in progress


  It is also possible to install the decals yourself as our decals are meant for DIY.

Eveyln trying her hand at installing a decal

See how Evelyn's kitchen is totally transformed! Starting with...the main kitchen glass door.

Kopitiam Talk decal [view design details]


Then the kitchen glass partition...

Peranakan Tile decal [view design details]


Finally, the yard door.

Fancy Gem decal [view design details]

Evelyn has also blogged about her experience with using decals to do up her home. Read all about it here!


Photos credit: Evespiration


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