7 Awesome Features of Decorette's New Website

After months of slogging, we are so proud (and relieved) to introduce you to our bigger, bolder, better website! Yes, you have just stepped into our spanking new splendid site. Here are 7 new or improved features that make it awesome!

1. Faster, Easier Checkout Process

Online shoppers know that going through endless pages and steps while checking out is such a pain. We hate it too! In the new Decorette website, we have smoothen the process for you. You can do all the necessary in just one page and 5 easy steps. Start your shopping now!

2. Try Before You Buy

If you are not sure whether your surfaces are suitable for decals, no problem! You can now drop us a request for sample decals and we will gladly mail them to you. We have built in a simple form to enable you to make a request effortlessly.

3. Helpful Tip, Tricks and Ideas

The reason why we love decals is that there is so much you can do them. We understand that sometimes, you need some ideas to jumpstart your creativity. Also, if you are into DIY, tips and tricks would really help to make your job easier and enjoyable!  So we decided to build in our blog to share useful information with you. Head over to our blog and have a read.

4. Groovy Customer Gallery

To give you even more ideas, we have revamped our customer gallery so you can see how our customers have done up their spaces beautifully. The new gallery is neat, clean and so easy to navigate. Browse and get inspired.

5. Cool Case Studies

For our business customers, we are happy to share with you some of our corporate and commercial projects too! From conceptualisation to installation, have a read of some of our success stories and take a look at the transformation we did!

6. All Your Questions Answered

To ensure that you can purchase with peace of mind, we have expanded our FAQ contents to try to answer as many questions as we think you might have.  They are also categorised according to topics so you can jump straight into the topic of your interest.

7. Behind the Scenes

 We put great care into producing every piece of decal and we want to share this passion with you! Hence, in this new website, we are also excited to bring you behind the scenes so you can take a peek at how your decal is created from start to finish. Pssst…it is not printed with ink. It is die-cut. Go now and see how it’s made...


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