Try Before You Buy


Not sure if your surfaces are suitable for decals? No problem. Just drop us a request for test decals and we'll mail them over to you.

Our decals work best on clean, dry and flat surfaces that are free of grease, wax and silicone.

Note that dust and dirt can affect the effectiveness of the decals so do clean the intended surface first and allow to dry out before installing the test decals. After installing, leave the test decals on for at least one day.

If the decal holds firm to the surface, you may go ahead and place your orders with us.

However, if the decal starts to peel or curl at the edges, then it's a clear sign that your surface is not suitable for wall decals.

* For more information on what works best for wall decals, do read up on our FAQ page.



1. Decorette prides itself in offering quality products and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

2. Test decals will be mailed out 2 - 3 days from submission of your Test Decal Request. Do test them out on the intended surface(s) and leave them on for a couple of days to test if your walls are suitable for decals.

3. For freshly painted walls, do allow up to 2 weeks for paint to dry and cure completely before applying test decals.

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